The EXPLORER class is our most advanced level of competition with  more complex engineering challenges, missions, and robots. 

The EXPLORER class is most appropriate for:

  • High schools that have previously participated in a MATE competition
  • Community colleges and universities 

EXPLORER teams must demonstrate their vehicle at a regional event or via video submitted to MATE headquarters before advancing to the international competition. 

For more information about EXPLORER class, please visit our General Information Document.

For information about this year's EXPLORER class missions, please visit the EXPLORER Missions page.

Are you a college community or university interested in competing in the EXPLORER class?  Are you a high school that's participated in the RANGER class and is now interested in tackling the EXPLORER class?  Contact the MATE Center.




The 2019 Explorer fee is $300.

EXPLORER class companies planning to attend the Shedd Midwest ROV MATE Regional Competition to conduct their demonstration should contact Shedd’s Underwater Robotics program manager, Sadie Norwick, for more information.  The competition set-up and operational parameters will be the same as RANGER (see the RANGER Competition Manual for more information).  EXPLORER companies must provide their own 48 volt power supply. 

Though Explorer class companies are not required to attend the regional, we strongly encourage them partake in festivities and provide inspiration for all Ranger and Scout class companies.